Thursday, November 30, 2017

Items Missing from the Two Burned-out Trucks

This post raises the issue of certain items that, oddly, were not found in the trucks of my brother Mark and Dale Tarapacki, both of which were badly burned under suspicious circumstances.  In each case, the fire investigator’s report, which I obtained through a FOIL request, provided information on the condition of the truck.  In my brother’s case, the fire investigator’s report and the police report list the contents of the truck, in particular, a gas can suspiciously found in the cab of Mark's truck on the floor of the passenger's side (see esp. post of July 22, 2012, and September 22, 2010; also the official documents attached through links on this blog).

An earlier post (April 30, 2017) refers to the pistol (a forty-five) that my brother told a number of individuals he had bought for protection at his job as a security guard at a Seneca Indian-owned business in nearby Steamburg and that he kept in the glove compartment of his truck.  Since Mark had concerns for his safety on that job, presumably at night in particular, it is not at all likely that he would have removed the pistol.  However, the police report and the fire investigator’s report do not mention a gun among the items found in his truck.  The wounds my brother received to his forehead and face, reported to me by his attending physician at the burn unit, Dr. Edward Piotrowski, strongly suggest that he had been attacked.  Was his pistol removed by someone to prevent him from protecting himself the night of the truck fire?

A point that has not previously been mentioned on this blog is that something was also reportedly missing from Dale Tarapacki’s truck when his burned-out vehicle was discovered.  According to a reliable source, a compact recreational vehicle (RV) was in the back of his truck late the night before his truck ended up on fire just off remote Hardscrabble Road in rural Great Valley in the early afternoon of April, 11, 2005.  (On Tarapack’s death, see posts of May 19, July 23, and September 24, 2016; February 26 and April 17, 2017).  Tarapacki himself would not have been able to remove that RV.  As my source reported, it suspiciously resurfaced just after Tarapacki’s death.  Why and how did it disappear, and why and how did it reappear?

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