Tuesday, October 31, 2017

More on Threats to Individuals Who Have Spoken Out

This post is concerned with threats made to individuals with relevant information who have spoken out against the appalling deaths of my brother Mark, Tim Nye, or Dale Tarapacki, all of which occurred in a period of a little over a year in rural Great Valley, N.Y.  It expands on a previous post (March 27, 2017) that brought up the issue briefly in the context of a variety of efforts to impede the search for justice.

Each of these deaths, at least initially, was reportedly considered by investigating authorities to be a suicide (see esp. January 27, 2014).  In my brother’s case, that was clearly the prevailing view because the lead investigator Edward Kalfas in fact told me outright, “It’s looking more and more like a suicide!”  The District Attorney at the time, Edward Sharkey, also told Attorney Tony Tanke that he thought it was a suicide.  But when the investigating authorities could in no way support that premise, they took the default position of an “accident.”  In spite of numerous indications of foul play, one N. Y. State Police official later acknowledged that they never even considered the possibility of a murder in Mark’s case.  More than one person who knew Dale Tarapacki alluded to a claim of suicide by officials (see October 15, 2016), though his death was apparently ruled an accident (see August 24, 2016).  In spite of the incongruous location of the wound to his gut inflicted by a rifle, Tim Nye’s death was reportedly ruled a suicide (see April 19, 2016).

The post of March 2017 referred to the alarming instance of a threat against an individual, who was worried about the welfare of his family.  In fact, the person mentioned that several threats had been made.  More than one involved the threat of using fire, a particularly chilling detail in light of what happened both to my brother Mark and to Dale Tarapacki (see esp. July 23, 2016).  Recently, another individual mentioned that he, too, had been threatened after vocally expressing doubts about the alleged suicide of one of these three victims.

Several posts have discussed the very strange unwillingness to come forward of any individual who was present at the Holy Cross Club during the personal argument between my brother and Salamanca policeman Mark Marowski, which resulted in a DWI the very day before Mark was burned to death (see esp. November 16, 2014, and June 21, 2016).  Some of these club members claimed to be close friends of my brother.  Have personal safety and a real fear of retaliation kept them silent?

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