Friday, November 25, 2016

More about Local Police on the Scene

This post concerns the issue of what local policemen were on the scene of my brother's truck fire in Great Valley, N. Y., on September 23, 2003.  Previous posts (December 31, 2011; November 15, 2015; and December 16, 2016) noted that several local police officers were reported to be on the scene.  However, only the presence of Gary Wind, then a Cattaraugus County deputy sheriff, is recorded in the report of the N. Y. State Police.  But he was there in his capacity as a firefighter, and his witness statement is part of the official report [see link on the upper right side of the blog for official documents].  

It was reported to me that Robert Buchhardt, then a senior deputy sheriff and currently undersheriff, was also on the scene.  Since Great Valley does not have its own police force, the sheriff's office would naturally have jurisdiction.  Was Deputy Sheriff Buchhardt there before the State Police arrived?  If Deputy Sheriff Buchardt was present and discussed the case with the N. Y. S. Police, there is no record of it in the State Police report on Mark's case.

It was also reported to me that then Salamanca police officer Steve Arrowsmith was on the scene, though it is not clear what he did there.  The presence of Salamanca police on the scene is a matter of some concern in light of not only Ofc. Mark Marowski's personal argument with my brother at a local club that led to Mark's arrest for DWI the very day before the fire but also Marowski's alleged affair with my brother's wife Susan. 

Three deputy sheriffs happen to have lived in that general neighborhood in the period of Mark's truck fire.  A couple of years ago, I spoke with Sidney Lindell, one of the three and the brother of Mark's close neighbor Alana Lindell Cloud, now deceased.  Mr. Lindell, now retired from the sheriff's office, stated that at the time of the truck fire, he lived farther up Hungry Hollow Rd. (which for a stretch runs parallel to Whalen Rd., where my brother lived) and that he did not find out about the fire until the next day.   

The other two deputy sheriffs, however, owned houses very close to Mark's, and yet neither is recorded in the police report as present on the scene.  According to a neighbor of Mark's, one of them, Shawn Gregory, was in fact on the scene.  Deputy Sheriff Gregory, the son-in-law of Alana Lindell Cloud, lived just a couple of houses from Mark's on Whalen Rd. (see post of November 15, 2015).   

No one with whom I've spoken over the years has known if the other, Drew Rozler, was on the scene or not.  But Deputy Sheriff  Rozler owned a house on Cross Rd. in the block adjacent to my brother's.  One would assume that both individuals should have been summoned to respond to a fatal truck fire of this nature.  In addition, if the claim made in the anonymous letter (see post of August 11, 2014) is indeed true that Marowski and my brother's wife were observed on numerous occasions riding around together on a four-wheeler, then these two deputy sheriffs who were also neighbors may well have seen that activity.

It was recently brought to my attention that Deputy Sheriff Drew Rozler, who reportedly had previously worked for the Salamanca Police Department, was a first responder in the deaths of both Tim Nye and Dale Tarapacki.  One individual added that Deputy Sheriff Rozler in fact discovered the body of Tim Nye in a very isolated location in Great Valley and wondered why he was there at all, much less at that particular time.